Let us summarise the Little Britain video game for you. It’s genuinely bad, one barely worthy of the world of video games. Seven mini games and some arbitrary challenges just to give you something to do. That’s because those seven mini games can take about half an hour to work through once you get used to the awful controls.

It might have just been us, but getting a score of 50,000 on the first level proved a near impossible task. The remaining levels offered no challenge at all, beyond the fact it handles like a WW1 tank and is equally as noxious.

Those levels are thus: skating, tricks and collecting CD’s with Vicky Pollard; diving into the pool with Lou and Andy; that racist woman vomiting over people at the fete; Marjory Dawes eating cake at the expense of her Fat Fighters club; that man who dresses as a lady playing football; whack a mole with some other man in drag; and Matt Lucas’ only gay in the village running down other gay men. To say that this is totally unacceptable in this day and age goes without saying. It’s not just lazy writing but horribly stereotypes much of the population without doing anything amusing with the core idea.

What’s worse, the original radio series isn’t too bad In the grand scheme of things. A fair amount of effort was put into that The same goes for series 1 of the television show, which itself was expanded on from the run on radio 4. It subsequently became a lazy cash in effort, and it’s this area of general unpleasantness that the game sits.

As you can tell, we’re not exactly fans of the show, at least beyond the realm of series 1. It’s lowest common denominator comedy and the game is no different.

As we say in the review, this is liable to offend fans of the show and video gamers alike. And if you’re not a fan of simplistic catchphrase comedy then you’ll find nothing to enjoy either. It’s unpleasantly bad from start to finish. It’s arguable that Blast! Entertainment reached their lowest with this.