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DescriptionRelease DateLink
The Movie Review Pilot. Recorded on 31 August 2009.31 May 2010Download
DVD Commentary 01 - Hercules In New York13 June 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 01. The first episode of the series. We look at the new trailers for Resident Evil Afterlife, The A-Team and Predators; discuss latest cinema releases of Prince of Persia and Robin Hood; Rant of the Week (Robin Hood again); take a brief look at a cult classic (Die Hard); discuss 3D films; take a look at the soundtrack for The Dark knight; rounding the episode off with a look at Ant's Top 5 Tim Burton films. And the possible entertainment of a cat version of Alan Rickman.30 June 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 02. The second episode of the series. This week, in all new stereo sound (and with new member Tommy), we look at the trailers for (Rec)2, Toy Story 3, Inception, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, The Last Airbender, Green Hornet and The Expendables; We discuss latest DVD releases Undead, American Pie Box Set, and The Wolfman, and the cinema release of Predators; The Rant of the Week is the replacement of actors in sequel movies and unnecessary sequels; our Cult Classic this week is The Thing; the Main Feature asks the question "Are there any original ideas left in Hollywood?", this week's soundtrack is Transformers (from the 2007 movie), and we wrap up with the Top 5 Zombie films.15 July 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 03. Another episode rolls around, and the topics covered this time include trailers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Centurion and Machete; new feature Films We Don't Want To See covers the Twilight movies; the latest cinema release we review is Inception; Rant of the Week is about Uwe Boll; the Cult Classic is Transformers The Movie (1986); The Main Feature asks "Why are cheesy films appealing?"; the soundtrack reviewed is Inception; and another new feature rounds up the show, in the form of "Most Disappointing Moments In Cinema". This week it's Ocean's 12. Throughout, Rich goes into smut overload, Ant laughs a lot and does his best to be the last person to speak in every segment, Simon witters on about Transformers and Tommy keeps schtum.21 July 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 04. Episode 04 of the Movie Review arrives, sadly ruined by a desk fan blowing on the microphone. Ant is away doing something terribly important, so it's up to Rich, Simon and Tommy to discuss the new trailers for Tron Legacy, Faster, Suckerpunch and Red; Films We Don't Want To Watch are the Sex and the City movies; the Cinema Review is Toy Story 3; the Rant of the Week is Sherlock Holmes by The Asylum; the Guilty Pleasure of the week is the Underworld Trilogy; the Cult Classic is Escape From New York; the Main Feature is a discussion of TV to Film adaptations; and we finish with Most Disappointing Moments in Cinema - this week it's the Star Wars prequels and revealing what The Force actually is. Bloody midi-chlorians.08 August 2010Download
DVD Commentary 02 - Scanners.08 August 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 05. We've been away on holidays and stuff for a few weeks, but we bounce back with some new stings, a round-up of a couple of films we watched over the summer (The A-Team, Avatar Special Edition and Scottr Pilgrim VS The World); The Film We Don't Want To See is Grease; we look at trailers for Yogi Bear, Skyline, The Wicker Tree and Dinner For Schmucks; Rant of the Week is about Thunderbirds; our Cult Classic is Pulp Fiction; The Main Feature is: Are films longer than 2 hours worth watching?; the Disappointing Moment in Cinema is Quantum of Solace; the Soundtrack is Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest; and rounding the show off is a new feature called WTF?! - this week: Dick Van Dyke's accent in Mary Poppins. Truly diabolical.21 September 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 06. It's all about Resident Evil in Episode 06 of The Movie Review. We take a look at the trailers for the first three films and decide if the actual movie was as good as the trailer implied; we review all four Resident Evil movies, Rant of the Week is a double offering this time, with Simon complaining about the wobbly, "dance instructor" zombies in Apocalypse, whilst Ant complains about the monsters; in the Main Feature we ask if George Romero's version of Resident Evil would have turned out better; Ant talks about the four soundtracks; The Most Disappointing Moment is Nemesis in Apocalypse; WTF?! is the Tyrant in Extinction; and we close the show with Six Degrees of Separation.17 October 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 07. Topics covered this week: Films We've Watched are The Human Centipede, Jonah Hex and X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Latest Cinema and DVD sees us talking about Iron Man 2; Rant of the Week is about Bad Adaptations; Guilty Pleasure is Dude Where's My Car?; The Main Feature asks "When is a sequel a sequel too far?"; the Soundtrack discussion is for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; and we finish with WTF?! where we discuss the wooden dialogue in the Star Wars movies. Throughout, Simon tries to break the world record for most uses of the phrase "the most part" in a podcast, Ant tries to avoid having the last word at the end of every section, and Rich fights off nausea by eating crab-flavoured sticks.06 November 2010Download
The Movie Review Episode 08. It's the obligatory "Best of 2010" episode, with Simon, Ant, Rich and Tommy discussing their top 5 favourite films of the year (including some they've only seen for the first time in 2010). This is followed by Rant of the Year (yup, it's 3D again), then Disappointing Moment of 2010 (the new Marvel movie universe), and followed by WTF?! where we discuss the announcement of a new Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. We introduce a new feature, Ultimate Movie Smackdown, where two popular (or not) movie characters are pitted against each other and we decide who wins. This episode sees the Pred-Alien from AvP Requiem up against the "White Chocolate" Alien from Alien Resurrection. We close the show with a look forward to some of the films out in 2011. Happy New Year folks!06 January 2011Download
Cult Classics 01 - Robocop. 13 January 2011Download
Cult Classics 02 - Commando20 January 2011Download
Cult Classics 03 - Flash Gordon27 January 2011Download
Cult Classics 04 - Silent Night Deadly Night 203 February 2011Download
Best and Worst 01 - The Movies of Tim Burton10 February 2011D
The Movie Review Episode 09. We review Tangled and Black Swan, rant about people not playing instruments properly in movies, Ant talks about the soundtrack to Voyage of the Dawn Treader, our Disappointing Moment is Terminator 3, and we scream WTF?! about Star Trek Nemesis. 17 February 2011Download
Best And Worst 02 - Star Wars (Part 1)24 February 2011Download
Best and Worst 03 - Star Wars (Part 2)03 March 2011Download
Films of Disney 01 - The Lion King10 March 2011Download
The Movie Review Episode 10. We discuss what films we've seen recently, Ant rants about World Trade Center, we discuss the Gladiator soundtrack, The Film We Don't Want To See is the Conan The Barbarian remake, and we WTF?! at punching camels and horses in the original Conan movies. 18 March 2011Download
Films of Disney 02 - Beauty and the Beast04 April 2011Download
The Movie Review Episode 11. We discuss the latest films we've seen, rant about the Matrix sequels, discuss the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring, and ponder the WTF? moments of Moonraker.17 April 2011Download
Cult Classics 05 - Back to the Future21 April 2011Download
Films of Disney 03 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs29 April 2011Download
Best and Worst 04 - Pirates of the Caribbean30 June 2011Download
Cult Classics 06 - Independence Day10 July 2011Download
Cult Classics 07 - Starship Troopers05 August 2011Download
Cult Classics 08 - Predator26 September 2011Download
Special Driving Podcast. This is a special episode recorded in the summer as we drove back home from the beach. Might not be the best quality material, but it's something different… 17 November 2011Download
The Movie Review Episode 12. Our brief rundown of the movies we watched during the summer months. 17 November 2011Download
Cult Classics 09 - Jurassic Park06 May 2012Download
Cult Classics 10 - Masters of the Universe19 May 2012Download
Cult Classics 11 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles27 May 2012Download
Cult Classics 12 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers12 June 2012Download
Cult Classics 13 - Wayne's World16 June 2012Download
The Movie Review Episode 13. It's been quite a while since we last did a regular episode, but we're back for just over an hour of your time to discuss Prometheus, Dark Shadows, The Avengers and Men In Black 3; Discuss the trailers for The Dark Knight, Resident Evil Retribution and The Amazing Spiderman; and Ant attempts to Rant about the Orange mobile phone adverts before each film. And fails. 30 June 2012Download
Cult Classics 14 - The Nightmare Before Christmas10 November 2012Download
Films of Disney 04 - Robin Hood01 December 2012Download