Opinionated Worship

Opinionated Worship was a podcast released by Random Stoat Productions in 2009-2010.

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EpisodeRelease DateDescription
Episode 0102 March 2009n/a
Episode 0217 March 2009n/a
Episode 0322 March 2009n/a
Episode 0429 March 2009Episode 04a in the original run. Topics covered in this show include Fair Trade products, Simple ways to save the planet, protecting against a zombie attack, the music business and their refusal to embrace new business models, and an update on our Facebook profile.
Episode 0530 March 2009Episode 04b in the original run. Topics covered include Rant of the Week, the week's news, Movie Review (this episode: Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan), The Apprentice, Global Warming, and The Fallen Angel reveals something that has disturbed him this week.
Episode 0618 April 2009Episode 04c in the original run. We briefly discuss Easter, Fallen Angel and Joey talk about their Wrestlemania 25 predictions, and Huge Greenburger performs a potentially offensive Easter parable.
Episode 0726 April 2009Episode 05a in the original run. We drive to McDonalds for a meal and see if it has any effect on our blood pressure, plus we discuss our holidays, exchange cheap and nasty gifts, and talk about battery farming chickens, methane producing cows, and artery clogging milkshakes.
Episode 0828 April 2009Episode 05b in the original run. We discuss the week's news, Rant of the Week, our top 5 most miserable things in everyday life, and follow up to our McDonalds trip.
Episode 0903 May 2009Episode 06a in the original run. Topics covered include (mostly) Swine Flu and this week's news, PLUS a fantasy fight.
Episode 1004 May 2009Episode 06b in the original run. We cover Rant of the Week, review some movies and video games, and attempt to use a random movie title generator...
Episode 1127 June 2009Episode 07 in the original run. Topics covered - Michael Jackson, Celebrity Fight, Life on the moons of Saturn?, Can we cure death?, the 2012 Olympics, and our proposal for a new olympic sport.
Episode 1204 July 2009Episode 08 in the original run. Topics covered - Tesco, Michael Jackson, Swine flu update, the new iPhone, climate change, Inventions we love, Who is the Greatest Movie Villain?, and Celebrity Fight!
Episode 1318 July 2009Episode 09 in the original run. It's the big one... kind of. We go undercover in Tesco and... do some shopping.