Welcome to the start of brand new, honest to Grud 2016 60 Second Gamer! We start with perhaps a less well known game, Crash N Burn. This was published by Eidos on the PS2 way back in 2004. In many ways it’s a Burnout clone. There’s fast paced racing action, lots of crashing and plenty of carnage.

And yet, it fails to live up to the standards of that franchise. The cars have overly heavy handling, for starters. What should feel like you’re barrelling around the track is instead sluggish and undercooked. The same goes for the progression system. There may be plenty of upgrades to unlock but, unlike that other racing game series, you have to achieve first place multiple times over to unlock further tracks or race types. To say that the game’s AI is occasionally unfair to you, cruelly preventing you from what would have otherwise been an easy victory, would be an understatement. But then for some there’s fun to be had from this challenge.

Plus, there’s only the option for single player racing offline, with the multiplayer aspect of the game limited to online only. These days you’re unlikely to see any action at all – and that’s assuming you’re able to connect to the service. Even a simple two player offline mode would have made all the difference and increased the game’s longevity. Sadly that is not the case.

On a more positive note, there are plenty of game modes available… if you play online. Ignoring that little issue, and the difficulties with progression, the gameplay is otherwise solid, but not spectacular.

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