Sherlock Holmes VS Jack The Ripper (Xbox 360/PC) – 60SG Ep 54

Sherlock Holmes VS Jack The Ripper takes the real world Ripper murders from 19th century London and places Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on the killer’s heels. Running around London inspecting clues and murder scenes, your job is to solve once and for all the identity of one of history’s most notorious serial killers. You’re like a Victorian era Batman and Robin.

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So, what about the game? Should you be playing it?

If this had solely been a PC release then there wouldn’t be too much to complain about. The point and click puzzle solving is inherently better with a mouse and keyboard, and is far less frustrating than it is elsewhere. The story moves along at a decent pace, albeit packed with lengthy talking head cut scenes (thankfully skippable), and some of the puzzles are enjoyably gruesome.

You could even overlook the fact it’s so horribly dark at times (literally) that you can’t see where you’re going. Something you can forgive because on the whole it’s an enjoyable romp through Victorian London.

But then they decided to port it to the Xbox 360, didn’t they?

This is a move that doesn’t work. At all. Controls haven’t been mapped properly, first and foremost. Almost every task becomes a chore on the 360 pad, especially the tasks that require the flexibility that you’d get on a PC.

This episode marks the last of our old style reviews that were left in the archive. As of 12 February 2016 there will be a brand new episode every week, featuring an updated style and approach.

But what will it be? You’ll have to come back in 7 days to find out.

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