Want another game by Blast! Entertainment? Then you are clearly a glutton for punishment. On looking at the cover this 2006 PS2 release looks to be a tie in to the Eddie Murphy film where he stars as Dr Dolittle, that chap who can talk to animals and cure their suspiciously human ailments. . But it isn’t.

Handily chopping off the good doctor’s head on the cover, this features a more traditional take on the Dr Dolittle character.

It goes without saying that it’s another poor effort from the Blast stable. The gameplay is simple and comprises of 8 levels. Well, not so much 8 levels but 8 tasks that take place on the same town map. You amble around, meeting animals (and traffic) across the surprisingly large map. You can only move in a straight up/down grid format, meeting animals, curing them… and that’s about it, really.

True, you get to collect ingredients from various locations on the map – the supermarket, a farm, the park, a bee colony and so on – and mix them together using your funky mixing machine. Ignoring the fact there are no sound effects besides background traffic and the heavy, heavy steps of Dr Dolittle as he walks around town, there isn’t all that much to do. You mix ingredients, meet animals, rush from emergency cases (highlighted in red) to less urgent cases (yellow triangles), and not much else. It certainly isn’t much fun.

Bearing in mind this is what video games are supposed to be – fun – then you can’t help but feel that Dr Dolittle misses the point somewhat.