Somewhere along the way, Football Manager got it right. Finely balancing what is, essentially, a number of spreadsheets, and making them entertaining. At the same time, Let’s Make A Soccer Team resolutely fails in its effort to convert the beautiful game to the RPG sphere.

Your role is to act as club chairman. This explains why you have so little control over the match day engine – and seeing as much of your play time will be spent watching the awkwardly animated players running around the pitch, it’s disappointing that you don’t have more control over events.

Away from match day you can delve into the day to day running of the club, setting ticket prices, establishing sponsors and so on. There is, admittedly, a lot of content here for you to get stuck into, but it’s not presented in the most accessible format. The amount of control you wield is, also, somewhat vague and dubious.

Things would be a little more bearable if the game loaded much quicker. In the first hour alone you’ll spend almost as much time staring at transitions or loading screens as you do playing the game. Lots and lots of people at the club come along to your office to let you know what you have to do.

This is the worst grind within the game, as you spend what feels like an ice age transitioning from one screen to the next, being advised by an array of different faces. It’s as definitive an info dump as you could expect, and if you are anything like us it will leave you feeling a mixture of boredom and mild irritation.

So it’s not a total failure, but it could have been far better than the end result. A bit like *insert team name here*’s performances this season. You know which team I’m talking about.