Knight Rider was a smash hit in the 1980s. This game came out in 2006. Before the 2008 reboot, but admittedly following several rather poor attempts at relaunching the franchise in the 90s. Looking back, what was it with the PS2 and the many, many developers that bought up the licences for well known properties? The console is awash with poor video game adaptations.

While Knight Rider isn’t amazing, it’s not a total disaster. Instead it’s somewhere in the middle of the pile, a generic chase quest driving game that sees you travelling from one side of the map to the other again.

Your role is to scan objects, take down other vehicles and battle against the likes of Garth (no, not the one from Wayne’s World), Goliath and KARR. You, of course, are Michael Knight and KITT, enacting your 80s dream to descend into the shadowy world of a man who doesn’t exist, To be a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, and so on.

Yeah, about that…

The story is very much like an episode of the television show. Whether you consider this a good or a bad thing will depend on how you got on with the Hoff-led television series. Which, to be fair, will decide whether you play the game too. This isn’t targeted at non-fans, such is its dedication to creating an authentic Knight Rider experience. For better or for worse.

Does it matter that turbo boost just shunts you up into the air for a bit, and isn’t speed based? No, not really. Does it matter that there are numerous areas where the game clips, or you can get stuck inside the scenery? Well yes, kind of.

If you can look beyond its flaws, the Knight Rider game on the PS2 is… acceptable. Nothing more, nothing less. It would help of course if they had cast better voice actors, or even toned down the use of the word “buddy.”