Episode 35 of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast. Can you believe we’ve been going for that long already? Still plenty to come!

On this week’s show:

1. NXT Takeover: Toronto review

A review of the Toronto NXT card. Spoiler: It was rather good.

2. Survivor Series 2016 review

Obviously, a review of this year’s Survivor Series. Much better card all round this year, and the Goldberg/Lesnar outcome was quite a shock.

3. News

Yes, the news is relegated to third spot this week. Topics include: UFC’s Conor McGregor; could AJ Styles’ next feud be with The Undertaker?; does Goldberg’s return open the door for Kurt Angle? And a bit of Sweet Bertha Faye, why not.

4. ICW Fear and Loathing IX

The Real Deal has recently subbed to ICW’s On Demand streaming service. He offers his thoughts on their recent SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow show. It’s worth it just for Johemian Rhapsody.

5. ECW: The Untold Story

Not so much an untold story, more a cheap plug for ECW content on the Network. Still, a solid 45 minutes of entertaining banter.

6. Main Event Jobber: Survivor Series 1991: The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan

The fake Hogan in the front row is your only reason for watching this turgid title tussle.

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