The Iron Man Wrestling Podcast – Episode 34

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast. Your weekly dose of wrestling news and discussion is here. This week is a Survivor Series special. So… what could we possibly talk about?

1. Survivor Series 1987

We go back to the very beginning of the Survivor Series with the 1987 PPV. No matter what you might think, it’s still explained better than WCW”s Texas Death Match rules.

2. Survivor Series 1993

Fallen Angel and Real Deal review the Four Doinks match from the 1993 event. Seriously, it’s awful.

3. Survivor Series 1997

Old Man Joey covers the 1997 card. It’s mostly ignored these days because of the Montreal Screwjob finish, but was the undercard worth seeing?

4. Survivor Series 2003

The Fallen Angel reviews the 2003 Survivor Series.

5. Survivor Series 2008

The Real Deal rounds off the show with his review of the 2008 event.

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