Episode 36 of the Iron Man Podcast arrives, and we discussed the following:

1. News

This weeks news. Including: UK WWE trials; Royal Rumble updates; Kurt Angle Watch; WWE Network indies; Women’s wrestling tournaments; Broken Matt Hardy and the ping pong match that is the WWE Raw Women’s Championship scene.

2. TLC 206 preview

We discuss the card for this year’s TLC event.

3. 205 Live – Episode 1

How does the first episode of cruiserweight show 205 Live stack up? We give our thoughts.

4. Fatally Flawed Way – Bald Wrestlers

This weeks’ fantasy match is a slight departure from the norm. We throw 8 men into the ring from all eras of wrestling – and in this instance, all bald – and figure out who would win the match.

5. Overrated or Underrated – The Big Boss Man

Was Ray Traylor overrated or underrated in the ring?

6. Management Choice

Who would you rather be managed by? The Jackal or Paul Ellering?

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