The Iron Man Show – Episode 09

Join us for episode 09 of the Iron Man Show wrestling podcast, which is a King of the Ring special. The Real Deal Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey talked about the following:

1. Botch to Broadway – King of the Ring 1995

The main feature of the show, we went back and watched the tournament PPV from 1995. Mabel won King of the Ring, which tells you all you need to know about the tournament that year.

2. Billy Gunn – Best 5 matches

Simon’s task was to compile a list of Billy Gunn’s best matches. Having been a big fan of his run in the late 90s and early 00’s, would Simon be able to pick out any gems, or would he have a retrospective change of heart?

3. Mabel – 5 Best matches

It gets worse for The Fallen Angel, who has to pick out 5 good Mabel matches. Yeah. That went well.

4. Top 5 non-KOTR tournament matches at KOTR

The Fallen Angel has put together a brief list of the best non-tournament matches at the King of the Ring event. Is your favourite included? Have a listen to find.

5. Worst KOTR match in history (non-tournament)

Briefly, we take a look at the worst non-tournament match featured at a King of the Ring event.

6. Best KOTR winner of all time

Who is the best of the best? The list of impressive winners isn’t all that great to be honest, but we gave it our best.

7. Overrated or Underrated – Owen Hart

Owen won the tournament in 1994, a year after his brother Bret Hart won the opening tournament. Aside from his King of the Ring victory, was Owen Hart overrated or underrated?

8. Main Event Jobber – Hulk Hogan VS Yokozuna 1993

Finally, we look at Hulk Hogan taking on Yokozuna in the WWF Title match at the inaugural King of the Ring tournament. Ironically, despite being called Main Event Jobber, this title match took place in the middle of the card. Awful stuff.

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