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The official video game for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney gave us 12 events and the ability to both name our olympian (with a name like BAP) and choose their country. It’s the little things that count.

But unlike Konami’s own unofficial series, Sydney 2000 doesn’t hold up quite as well. Graphically it’s less impressive, and it’s often easy to claim a victory without having to put in much effort. Multiplayer offers a greater challenge, but the extent of that will depend on your social group. Wiring up a couple of multitaps for eight player carnage

It’s still an example of button bashing, using a combination of two or three buttons depending on the context. This element of the game works well, and there is still the possibility of having some fun multiplayer face-offs. Chase Cycling and skeet shooting don’t follow this theme, with pacing and patience necessary to succeed in both. If you’re lacking in either of these qualities, you’d be better off finding another activity to pass the time.

There’s replay value and depth in the Olympics qualification game mode, where you have to train up your character in a series of virtual gym mini games in order to reach the finals. With few exceptions however there is no challenge on offer. The presentation is a little confusing too. You’re not playing as your character, instead you’re a human… shape. It would have helped massively if they had allowed you to be your character, to personalise the experience.

Overall it’s a mixed bag. Having eight characters on screen at a time is a plus, and the choice of events offer are a nice selection, but it’s not a game you’re likely to return to.

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