This week’s episode of The Iron Man Show saw The Real Deal Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey discuss the following:

  1. News – Undertaker, NXT new additions

    This week’s news covers a couple of interesting additions to the NXT roster and the reason why the Undertaker didn’t join the company on its recent tour of Europe. It’s a legitimate reason, but statistically a little silly. As for the new NXT arrivals? That could prove interesting going forward.

  2. Main Event Jobber – Wrestlemania 27 Miz VS Cena

    Joey and Fallen Angel only had to watch the main event, but as punishment for getting the Botch to Broadway wrong a few weeks back, Simon had to watch the entirety of Wrestlemania 27. To say he was happy about this would be an understatement.

  3. Announcer King of the Ring part 2

    The second part of our King of the Ring tournament for wrestling announcers. We progress through the tournament and have to face some surprisingly tough questions in the bid to find out who, besides JR, is the best commentator of all time.

  4. Botch to Broadway – Royal Rumble 2003

    This week’s Botch to Broadway was a viewing of Royal Rumble 2003. Aside from an interesting opener between Brock Lesnar and Big Show (with shades of Lesnar’s more recent storylines), other highlights include the Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit title match, and the Royal Rumble main event itself. On the other hand, there’s the Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie match, and the Scott Steiner vs Triple H World Heavyweight Championship match.

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