Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (PS3) review – 60 Second Gamer 15

In an alternate history, the Nazis invade America. Thankfully you are a blue collar construction worker who happens to be extremely handy with a gun and hand to hand combat. It’s a lucky turn of events seeing as the invading army lands right on top of you. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

There’s very little as far as the plot goes. At the beginning you’re thrown in at the deep end with no story or exposition to explain what’s happening. It just… starts. Never mind about having a little context so you can get your bearings. Let’s just throw you in at the deep end and watch you flounder. This is a recurring theme where cut scenes and set pieces are either missing or were never intended to be included. To say it’s lacking depth would be accurate.

Turning Point is a broken game with broken graphics and broken gunplay. Some enemies are invincible until you cross an invisible line, other times it glitches and bodies hang suspended in midair. Firing a weapon is more a struggle to aim it than use it. Being able to arm bombs under tanks does little to distract you from the mundanity surrounding you. It’s a perfect example of some poorly thought out gameplay design and evidence that

There are a few nice touches, such as being able to use an enemy as a human shield, or using environmental takedowns. The odd random death is good entertainment too. They’re used to infrequently to make a difference, and they do little to fight against the problems you face elsewhere in the game. Suffice to say, if the rest of the production was up to scratch then these would be worthwhile inclusions. As it is, there’s lots of noise and action but very little of value.

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