The Flintstones: Bedrock Racing (PS2) – 60 Second Gamer 14

Welcome to Bedrock, a hotbed of racing since the stone age. Maybe. The game offers 12 characters and 12 tracks to race around. Quite a substantial number, you might think. Nope.

Tracks and courses are unlocked by collecting all 8 dinosaur eggs per track and getting a top 3 finish. By collecting the two dinosaur bones per track you can pimp your ride, stone age style. This is applied to all characters no matter who you’ve raced as. Not that they have any noticeable effect on your driving. Everybody handles the same except perhaps for the Great Gazoo. He has a distinct advantage in that he can fly everywhere. No trouble with land based obstacles there, no sir. Dinosaur meat steaks dotted around the track also give you brief speed bursts, but you can probably win a race without ever picking one up.

Once you get into the routine, each race is an exercise in familiarity. The tracks all look the same, and once you’re in first place it becomes a two horse race between you and whichever computer controlled character sits in second. Even switching characters offers little in the way of variation, with only subtle differences between each racer.

You soon realise that you haven’t had to use the brakes for, well, ever. You can simply glide around the track at top speed and not have to worry about crashing into obstacles. Unless you deliberately choose to do so, obviously. The handling is okay, but nothing special. Unlike most karting games there’s no power slides or drifting. Luck you don’t need them then, really.

There are the almost obligatory time trial and multiplayer modes, but once you’ve played through the game once and unlocked everything that will probably be the last time you pick it up. There’s almost no challenge at all and that’s perhaps the most disappointing part of it.

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