Welcome friends, to this week’s episode of the Iron Man Show, a wrestling podcast. On this week’s episode, The Real Deal, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey discuss the following:

1. News

In this week’s news: Brock Lesnarl Mike Knox, Alberto del Rio, the PWI Top 500 wrestlers, Katie Lea, and the sad passing of Mr Fuji. Yokozuna number one! Mr Fuji number one!

2. Raw/Smackdown Recap

A review of the events from this week’s Raw and Smackdown.

3. Backlash preview

A quick look at the card for the Smackdown-only Backlash PPV on 11 September.

4. Cruiserweight Classic

This is where things get a bit weird. Remember that strange move Jack Gallagher performed on Akira Tozawa? The Fallen Angel and The Real Deal try to do that move on each other. It has to be heard.

5. NXT

This week’s NXT recap.

6. Overrated or Underrated – Mr Perfect

Was The Perfect One a legend who didn’t achieve what he should, or was he somebody pitched at the perfect level?

7. Fatally Flawed Way – Worst World Champions

This episode sees the worst world champions going head to head. The choices? David Arquette, Alberto del Rio, The Great Khali and, erm… Vince Russo.

8. What if…?

What if Stone Cold Steve Austin had not injured his neck in that match with Owen Hart? We dabble in an alt-history where WCW could have won the Monday Night Wars. Perish the thought.

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