Welcome to episode 32 of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast. What have we got for you this week?

1. News

In this week’s news: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey; Wrestlemania 33; Hulk Hogan; Donald Trump’s past involvement in wrestling; Lanny Poffo discussing the feud Macho Man wanted to have; and The Undertaker is set to appear at Smackdown 900.

2. Hell in a Cell 2016 review

A review of the Hell in a Cell 2016 card, and ratings for each match.

3. Survivor Series 2016 preview

We look ahead to the Thanksgiving tradition that is the Survivor Series. The Real Deal was very excited to find out that there will be a few classic Survivor Series elimination matches this year.

4. Theme Song of the Week

A new feature where we pick a favourite entrance theme song. The first week’s choices reflect almost every era.

5. Wrestling Manager of Choice

Another quick feature to round up the show. If we were wrestlers, who would we pick to be our manager?

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