Episode 30 of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast kicks off in fine style. The Real Deal, Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey talk about wrestling and stuff. Meanwhile, David Otunga is ignored.

1. News

From Goldberg to Frenchie Martin to Daniel Bryan’s depression. It’s all in here!

2. Preview – WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

We have a quick look at the forthcoming Hell in a Cell PPV.

3. Wrestling Memories – UK Rampage 1992

To celebrate our forthcoming visit to Smackdown Live this November, The Real Deal remembers attending UK Rampage 1992 in Birmingham, his first and, to date, only professional wrestling event.

4. Intercontinental Title Tournament – Final

We (finally) reach the end of our quest to find the ultimate Intercontinental Champion.

5. Wrestling Memories – WWF Rebellion 1999

It’s Fallen Angel’s turn to recall his first wrestling event, which he attended at the end of 1999.

6. Overrated/Underrated

This week, and wrapping up the episode, we wonder if Zack Ryder is overrated or underrated? Check us out.

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