Welcome to another exciting episode of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast. Join The Real Deal, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey as they wibble on for an hour about the following:

1. News

The possible closure/buyout of TNA; the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic (and it is GLORIOUS!); Raw’s ratings; Ashton Kutcher on Raw; Ryback’s MMA plans.

2. WWE Clash of Champions Recap

Reviewing each match, the card and the overall quality of the event. Let the Battle of the Beards commence!

3. WWE No Mercy Preview

A look at the matches for the next WWE PPV. They’re coming thick and fast now that the brand split has happened! It’s quite exhausting.

4. IC Tournament

We’re almost at the end of our fantasy Intercontinental Title Tournament. The final 8 battle it out for a place in the semi-finals.

5. Fatally Flawed Way – The Four Faces of Foley

The Real Deal sets Old Man Joey and Fallen Angel the task of choosing which of Mick Foley’s personalities would win in a fight.

6. Randoms – Ultimate Factions and Stables

This is not the ultimate faction you were looking for. Fancy a group called The Barbershop Quartet? Brutus Beefcake is the starting point for the creation of a new stable.

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