This week’s episode of The Iron Man Show (available at the end of this post) features discussions on the following topics:

1. Recap of Wrestlemania 32, WWE Raw on 04 April 2016, and the first NXT show after Takeover Dallas.

Most of this show is dedicated to a discussion on the biggest show of the pro wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania 32. We analyse each match from the pre-show to the WWE Title main event, and throw our opinions into the mix. We then briefly talk about the first Raw after Wrestlemania, and NXT episode 329, which was almost exclusively a Takeover Dallas recap. The middle of the show has a solid face-off between Apollo Crews and Elias Samson, which suggests there are good things ahead for both men.

2. Botch to Broadway – ECW Barely Legal 1997.

The first ECW PPV in 1997 was a landmark event for the company, a true indication that they were on their way to entering the big leagues. As history tells us, that ultimately wouldn’t be the case, but looking back you can see the potential the brand had. It’s rough and ready around the edges, certainly, but on the whole it acts as a good advertisement for the brand.

Matches vary from freestyle tag team madness to the blood-soaked violence that ECW is most known for. But in the middle are some solid technical wrestling bouts and a solid Michinoku Pro Wrestling triple tag match. The less said about Shane Douglas vs Pitbull 2, the better.

3. Main Event Jobber – ECW December to Dismember 2006: The Extreme Elimination Chamber main event.

The six competitors in this match were¬†Hardcore Holly, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, Test and defending champion The Big Show. To say it’s painful to endure would be an understatement. Bad booking and mostly unimpressive performances put this in the “watch once, never again” camp.¬†The only saving grace is CM Punk and a couple of good spots from RvD. On the strength of this event it’s no wonder that ECW’s PPV matches were added to WWE’s normal monthly events.

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