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The Iron Man Wrestling Podcast – Episode 39

From everyone at the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast, please accept our warmest wishes this holiday season. But what’s on this week’s episode? It is our first annual End of Year Awards show. For the full list of categories and winners, click here. Expect the usual amount of banter between The Real Deal, The Festive Angel …

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The Iron Man Wrestling Podcast – Episode 35

Episode 35 of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast. Can you believe we’ve been going for that long already? Still plenty to come! On this week’s show: 1. NXT Takeover: Toronto review A review of the Toronto NXT card. Spoiler: It was rather good. 2. Survivor Series 2016 review Obviously, a review of this year’s Survivor …

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The Iron Man Show – Episode 16

“The Real Deal” Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey welcome you to the Iron Man Show, a podcast covering the old and new in professional wrestling. This week’s episode covers the following topics of conversation: 1. Brand Split Each of us are given control of Raw, Smackdown and NXT and draft our …

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The Iron Man Show – Episode 01

Welcome to the very first episode of The Iron Man Show, a podcast for wrestling fans by wrestling fans. This first episode looks forward to Wrestlemania 32, and also recaps and reviews both the 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony and NXT Takeover Dallas. Feedback on this first episode can be sent to randomstoat@gmail.com. The episode …

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A-Z music list, podcasts and 1 film a day

For quite a long time now (I think I started in 2006) I’ve been trying to listen through my entire music collection in alphabetic order – I realised that I’d not actually listened to most of the music in my collection (which built up rather quickly over a very short period of time), and the …

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60 Second Retro Gamer – Episode 47 – Chu Chu Rocket

Thought I might start sharing our YouTube videos on here seeing as I tend to link to the audio projects. So here’s the first episode via WordPress, Chu Chu Rocket for the Dreamcast. There are, obviously, a lot more videos on our YouTube channel so please take a look if you like this one. You …

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Hercules In New York – DVD Commentary

Welcome to a brand new feature, a DVD commentary available for the Movie Review podcast, where we sit through Hercules In New York, the 1969 “classic” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first starring role.