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Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike – 60SRG Episode 66

This week’s blast from the past is Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3 on the Gamecube. Rebel Strike was released at the tail end of 2003 in the middle of the console’s run, and proved to be another solid entry in the world of Star Wars video games. Solid, but not spectacular. Some may have appreciated …

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60 Second Gamer – Episode 53 – Super Mario Bros (NES)

The podcast is available at www.randomstoat.com Apart from a brief dalliance with a tape-based Atari system at some point in the 80s, my first experience of video games was with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Much like everyone else, we owned Super Mario Bros, however our version was on the same cart as Duck Hunt. Cut …

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Super Mario Kart

Another quiet couple of weeks, but we’ve been hard at work on various projects (more news soon). Until then, here’s the first of about 10 60SG updates – a retro review of Super Mario Kart.