Start The Party – 60 Second Gamer Visual Podcast 03

Back in 2012 we captured gameplay for a Playstation Move game called Start The Party. This was originally intended to be a normal 60 second review with a podcast on the side. Then the project fell by the wayside and both the footage and podcast lay dormant on Simon’s computer for three years.

Then in late 2014 it was decided to bring the series back with a fresh look and approach. On tidying up his old files, Simon realised that there were four full episodes that could be edited together, along with the podcast and game footage for Start The Party. As we have previously put together visual podcasts for Paddington and The Bible Game (both on PS2) it made sense to do the same with Start The Party.

This marks the first release of new material for 60 Second Gamer since 2012, and its regular return to your YouTube schedule throughout 2016. As stated in earlier posts, we’ll be working through the remaining 2012 content throughout January and early February, then brand new content will be released from 12 February 2016.

In any case, we hope you enjoy the “new” video, and we’d appreciate any comments you might have.

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