The Iron Man Show – Episode 16

“The Real Deal” Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey welcome you to the Iron Man Show, a podcast covering the old and new in professional wrestling. This week’s episode covers the following topics of conversation:

1. Brand Split

Each of us are given control of Raw, Smackdown and NXT and draft our own personal picks for each show. Who will end up where? And will John Cena get picked?

2. Five Best… David Otunga Matches

The Real Deal is tasked with finding five decent David Otunga matches. Does he succeed? Well, no.

3. Why WCW Sucked – Part 4

The Fallen Angel continues his series of reasons for why WCW sucked. This week: How Ric Flair was used by the company.

4. Main Event Jobber – Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry, Royal Rumble 2006

This was a brief main event, and it happened after the Rumble match itself, for what will be obvious reasons once you’ve seen it. But was the match itself any good? If it was, we wouldn’t be looking at  it in Main Event Jobber.

5. WWE Network Collections – Dusty Rhodes

The Real Deal has started watching the collections available on the WWE Network. He started with The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

6. Is the WWE Network oversaturated?

There’s arguments to both sides. Is it though? We discuss.

7. Bring Back The Brother

The Fallen Angel wants WWE to bring back Hulk Hogan, in some capacity. Should they?

8. The Final Deletion

We’re a bit late on this but we ran out of time last week. We turn our eye to the Final Deletion storyline from TNA. Yes, TNA. Is it genius or madness?

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