As the search for Old Man Joey continues, The Real Deal and The Fallen Angel go back to the standard show format. This week we discussed the following:


It’s been a busy time for wrestler suspensions. Aside from the big news of Roman Reigns being suspended for 30 days to a Wellness Policy violation, it also turns out that Jerry The King Lawler has been suspended. We also discuss in brief the Cruiserweight Classic which kicks off on the WWE Network in July.

Money In The Bank 2016

We review this month’s Money In The Bank PPV. Was it a solid event? Were there any surprises? Did

Overrated or Underrated – Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler clearly has talent, but is he overrated or underrated? A quick look back at some of his recent feuds tells you all you need to know.

Why WCW Sucks Part 3

This week it’s the vast array of gimmick matches that WCW felt was necessary. From World War 3 to Tower of Doom matches to everything in between, the sheer volume of them was staggering. Were any of them good ideas? Not really, no.

Botch To Broadway – In Your House 2

Finally we wrap up with a rundown of the second In Your House event from 1995. After the travesty of that year’s King of the Ring event, did IYH2 do enough to entertain us from start to finish? If nothing else, at least we could agree that the theme song was pretty good.

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