The Iron Man Show – Episode 08

Join us for this week’s episode of the Iron Man Show wrestling podcast, where The Real Deal Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey discussed the following:

1. Challenge – 5 good Hacksaw Jim Duggan matches

Joey had to trawl through the WWE Network looking for some of Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s best matches. We felt his pain. Not literally, that would be weird.

2. Intercontinental Champion – King of the Ring Tournament Part 2

We continue our King of the Ring style tournament bracket to decide who is the best Intercontinental Champion of all time.

3. Why WCW Sucked – Part 1 and 2

The Fallen Angel kicks off an occasional feature where we discuss why WCW sucked. This week it’s the first two reasons. The size of the ring was a sticking point, coming in at 16’x16′ when compared to WWF/WWE’s 20’x20′ ring. The second point is the WCW wrestling figures. Tune in to find out why.

4. Tag Team Turmoil – best tag team member

Of all the tag teams in wrestling history, which one of the pair was the Shawn Michaels and which one was the Marty Jannetty? This feature will dig into our opinions on the subject.

5. Camp WWE

In a weird bit of time travel style mumbo jumbo (that is in no way related to us recording episodes in advance) we discuss the promise of Camp WWE based on a viewing of the trailer. If you want to hear our thoughts on the first episode, head on back to Episode 06. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense.

6. Overrated or underrated – Randy Orton

We wrap up with Overrated or Underrated. This week we take a look at the career of Randy Orton.

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