The Iron Man Show – Episode 04

The Iron Man Show – Episode 04 saw “The Real Deal” Simon Prior, The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey cover the following:

1. Iron Man Show – Episode 04: Latest Pro Wrestling News

The death of the 9th Wonder of the World Chyna dominated most of our news section this week. We also referenced the death of ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Both were lost before their time

Our news section also, briefly, covered the lawsuit that Rene Dupree had raised against WWE. The lawsuit was promptly dropped after WWE revealed Dupree had signed a contract agreeing that his likeness could be used. That was pretty much it – we didn’t want to give him any more coverage than was absolutely necessary. Can anybody remember exactly what he did, anyway? No, thought not.

2. Overrated or Underrated – Rob van Dam

This week’s over or under rated wrestling superstar was Rob van Dam. Was he a bonafide legend in his time? Or was he simply overrated, capable of flexibility and a couple of moves and that’s it. Well, anything is possible in the Iron Man Show!

3. Challenge – 5 Best Matches of… The Ultimate Warrior

“The Real Deal” was given a challenge to pick out the Warrior’s five best matches on the WWE Network. Is this as predictable as you might think? Perhaps. Perhaps. Is his 1991 Body Bag match against the Undertaker a worthy entrant? What about his feuds with Macho Man Randy Savage and Ravishing Rick Rude? All possible entries. See, it is quite predictable.

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