The Iron Man Show – Episode 03

Episode 03 of The Iron Man Show saw us cover the following:

1. Overrated or Underrated? – Ken Shamrock

Our first piece this week sees us decide if “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock was an overrated or underrated performer back in the Attitude era. He wasn’t a man of many words and rarely cut a promo, but as a legitimate MMA star he was one of the first crossover stars to provide an air of realism to the world of sports entertainment.

2. Five Best… Matches – “Double J” Jeff Jarrett

This was always going to be difficult. For starters, Jarrett isn’t known as a great wrestler. Besides his high profile involvement in NWA TNA it’s not easy picking out any specific career highlights. Even so, The Fallen Angel was able to locate five matches on the WWE Network that highlighted Jarrett’s abilities in the ring.

3. John Cena Appreciation…?

John Cena is a wrestler who courts controversy amongst fans. Simon missed most of the era where Cena defeated most of the roster so his opinion is coloured by the last 12 months he has beenĀ using the WWE Network. As for The Fallen Angel and Old Man Joey? They have their own opinions about The Prototype.

4. A Journey Through The WWE Network – 1988 in Review

Simon has been watching through every event from 1988 on the WWE Network. He hasn’t quite finished it yet, but so far he’s taken in WCW’s Bunkhouse Stampede, the first couple of Clash of the Champions events, and of course all of the then-WWF’s PPV’s from that year apart from Survivor Series. Was it a good year? Yes and no. The differences between WCW and WWF are quite pronounced. On the one hand you have the big, colourful world of WWF. On the other, WCW’s good versus bad, much more realistic approach to storytelling.

5. Wrestlemania 33 Fantasy Card

Our final segment sees Old Man Joey provide a fantasy card for next year’s Wrestlemania. Who will he decide deserves a place on the card for the granddaddy of them all?

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