Yes, 60 Second Gamer will be back on your computers and mobile devices from 08 January 2016 onwards!

As if to prove the point, we released a teaser trailer stating as much yesterday. It’s short and to the point, but that’s what teasers are for, right?

It’s worth pointing out at this time that the first 5 videos we’re releasing were originally recorded back in 2012 and are now appearing on YouTube¬†for the sake of getting all of the material we recorded out into the world.¬†They are in no way a reflection of the actual reboot which will be kicking off from 12 February 2016. But more on that later.

While we backfill the website with the old content (videos and podcasts) you can still access the videos on our YouTube channel.

Check back next Friday for the first new video in 3.5 years. No pressure, then.